Instructional video’s for
Spinnaker PC.

These video’s have been compiled as an introduction to specific aspects of  Spinnaker PC.  By selecting the following you tube logo …

… you will be find that the video will run larger on screen working at its maximum resolution making it easier to see fine detail.

This video introduces the main operator interface for Spinnaker PC.  It gives an overview of the capabilities of the software.

This video goes into detail regarding how to configure a cycle, with particular attention to required loadings based on either the service life method or protection classes.

When it comes to adding pack information to the charge sheet – this is where you do it.  This is an overview of the future charges section of Spinnaker.

Having run a charge you need to see an analysis of how it went.  This video walks you through how to do that with emphasis on digging down into cycle data on a by the second basis.

This is a time lapse video (x8) showing a high pressure treatment cycle using Spinnaker.  There is no audio associated with this video.